Residential Roof Replacement

Deciding on a new roof can be expensive and stressful for homeowners especially when picking the right contractor! Our team at Gladiator Roofing and Restoration is happy to come out and provide a FREE quote at a time that’s convenient to you. If it is decided that you need a roof replacement our experts will discuss the entire re-roofing process with you. And don’t worry about missing details, our quotes are full and complete. Unlike some contractors, there won’t be any surprise expenses after the job is done.

Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. From helping with an insurance claim to picking out the right shingles for your new roof—no, we don’t stop there! We’ll also advise necessary venting, gutters, siding, and/or insulation for your attic.

Residential Roofing Project
roof replacement


On the day we begin roofing your home, all materials will be delivered to your home by one of our team members. Members of our team will place the roofing materials off your driveway and deliver shingles to the roof of your house. At this time, our roofing crew will begin removing your old roof, down to the plywood.

Roof replacement


Once the old roof has been removed and we have replaced any damaged plywood, the next step is for us to lay down new roofing felt and installing ice and water shields. Once repairs have been complete, we go through the process of installing your chosen roofing shingles.

Roof replacement


Once our team has completed the work and your new roof are installed, our Project Manager will do a final inspection of your entire property for fallen trash, shingles, and nails. A nail magnet is run around the outer edges of your home and driveway to pick up stray nails and other metal objects that might damage your tires or cause you harm.

Moving towards a roof replacement starts with an in-depth inspection., Whether you’ve experienced severe damage from a hailstorm or your roof is showing its age, an inspection is the first step. For homes and businesses alike, every roof has a lifespan; and while you can prolong this cycle with regular, quality maintenance and repair services, there comes a point in time when the cost of repairs may outweigh the cost of replacement.


There’s a good reason why asphalt shingle is the most widely used roofing material on the market — and it’s not going out of style anytime soon.

Strong enough to last over two decades, asphalt shingle is crafted from resilient fibreglass, covered in tough mineral granules, and engineered to be both lightweight and functional. In addition to its traditionally clean look and practicality, perhaps what makes asphalt shingle most popular is how incredibly affordable it is, even for the tightest of homeowner budgets.

Can You Get by With Another Repair?

Can your roof be fixed with repair/s or is it time for replacement? Check our guideline below.









While some enhanced roofing materials can protect your home for nearly 50 years, traditional asphalt shingles should be replaced after 20 years.

If you bought your home from another owner, reviewing the property records should provide you with all the information required. If you don’t feel confident that those records are complete, a Gladiator experienced professional will be happy to assess your roof.

If your roof is green with moss, this is a sign that precipitation has made its way underneath the shingles, damaging the roof deck and mostly likely more.

While in most cases a missing shingle or two can be simply replaced, they can sometimes be an indication of a more troublesome issue lurking below the shingles’ surface.

Simply examining your attic ceiling for cracks of light and checking your attic walls for signs of water leakage and rot can often tell more than inspecting your roof from the outside. Additionally, if you’ve been experiencing visitors from the great outdoors—birds, bats, racoons, etc.—it’s time to replace your roof.

Shingles that are cracked, curled, or appear to have bubbles forming in the middle mean the adhesive has corroded and the shingles are no protecting nor longer adhered to the roof deck.

If your roof is at least 10 years old and shingle granules are littering your gutters, it’s time to replace. Those granules are supposed to be protecting your roof, not clogging up your gutter system.