Residential Roof Repairs

Roof repairs typically do not worry homeowners until there is a noticeable leak. There could be a multitude of reasons why your roof has a leak and depending on the cause, it could require a variety of repairs. Has there been a storm? Did you suffer a harsh winter? Or do you have an aging roof that outlived its warranty? Regardless of the cause, don’t neglect a leaky roof. Ignoring the issue will cause damage to multiple and could begin to accumulate internally as well. Moisture will wreak havoc on your attic and within your walls causing mold to grow quickly and moisture damage can turn very expensive to repair.

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We offer FREE roof inspections to evaluate where the roof leak is and what was the cause? hail storms, falling tree limbs, high-speed winds, or just deteriorating roof shingles. Our free roof inspections and repair estimates for residential roofs will give you a plan of action if repair is the best option.



The roof repair process, depending on the issue, typically requires removal of old and/or broken shingles as well as replacing any worn out decking or damaged felt paper to keep your roof in the best shape possible. Our roofers will install new shingles that will be a match of color and durability of your existing shingles to create a seamless repair, keeping your home appearance just as it was before.

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If water is pouring through the ceiling, or you see a large number of shingles on the ground, you can bet that your roof has suffered damage from the storm. When there is a true emergency repair, you should contact an experienced roofing company to help control the situation. Our team will assess the damage offer temp services and then work with you to provide a long-term solution, whether a roof replacement or just a repair.

Most homeowners do not think about their roof system very often, which is expected. Odds are, if you are thinking about your roof, it’s because there was a recent storm or you noticed a new and/or worsening leak.

Your roof is constantly exposed to rain, snow, and sunlight, and it doesn’t take long for these natural elements to fade and alter the original color of your roof. Although sometimes all a homeowner needs to do is patch things up and replace a few shingles, after a while it becomes nearly impossible to find new shingles to match the old.

If you are unsure, you should always have a professional roofing contractor perform an inspection on what strategy works best for protecting your home.


If your roof is younger than 20 years old, it’s perfectly practical to replace a missing shingle or two every now and then. But before you attempt such a seemingly easy DIY roofing project, you should first have your roof examined by an experienced professional. Visible damages, such as missing shingles, are often just symptoms of a far more serious problem that may be difficult for an amateur roofer to detect.

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If your area recently experienced a severe storm, hail, tornado, or a few harsh winters, we advise that you have your roof examined for damages as soon as possible. Even if you are unable to spot any signs for yourself, only a true professional can make this assessment as some damages are not immediately visible to the naked eye. Every day that passes without addressing nature’s consequences may put your home at further risk, and ultimately, increase any final costs of repair.

Marked Hail Damage On A Roof