Insurance Claims Services

Whether it’s repairing hailstorm damage or simply time for a new roof, no homeowner or business owner should face an uphill battle against their insurance company alone. But with Gladiator Roofing and Restoration, that’s just one more thing you can cross off your list. From the initial assessment to the final signature, we handle the insurance claims process for you every step of the way.

Roofing Types


Don’t risk being cheated out of what you need for your roof and home, let an expert handle it. Our experienced team works with homeowners and business owners all across Indiana get the most out of their insurance policies. Once you file a claim, we will personally meet with your insurance adjuster to assess the damage and get you approved for a new roof.

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Documents and Paperwork

Filling out tedious paperwork, waiting for invoices to be processed, documents to be sent and received, it can be a pain to work with insurance and mortgage companies. And let’s be honest, you’re busy enough as it is.
Our commitment to Hoosier homeowners might begin with quality materials and superior craftsmanship, but it doesn’t end there. We facilitate all necessary communication and time-consuming paperwork to keep things moving between your insurance and mortgage companies. Because your home deserves to be in the best shape of its life, and we believe you deserve it much sooner than later.